Ridex Switch

Ridex Switch

RIDEX is a ruggedised field exchange built to exacting standards required to withstand the tough field conditions. It is an automatic telephone exchange which complies to JSS 55555 standards. Built to operate under extreme temperature conditions, it is also tested for military standard 461 d / e for EMI/EMC radiations.

 RIDEX Switch

  • Ruggedised as per JSS 55555 standards conforming to MIL STD 461d /e

  • Operates on both AC as well as DC input power

  • Automatic changeover from AC to DC and vice-versa

  • Built in 'Float cum boost' charger

  • Automatic fall back from DC 48V-24V-12V.

  • Built in operator panel

  • 4 X 40 Vacuum Florescent Display for clearer visibility under all conditions

  • Fanless thermal management

  • Programming through operator panel or PC

  • Simple GUI based programming software

  • Supports direct 'plug-in' of optical E1

  • Supports data transmission through a 'plug-in' Ethernet interface

  • Supports one radio port for radio connectivity ( UHF/VHF/HF)

RIDEX is a  field exchange  ruggedised as per JSS 55555 standards to withstand very high and very low temperature conditions. It can also withstand vibrations and bumps without damaging the internal electronics. RIDEX is suitable for deployment with other electronic and RF systems due to its stringent compliance to EMI / EMC as per MIL STD 461 d / e. It neither gets affected by the radiations of other equipments nor emits radiations which will affect other equipments in its vicinity. RIDEX supports a variety of protocols available in the communication world. 

Following are some of the applications of RIDEX

1. Mobile field vans : It can be installed on mobile field vehicles with a vehicle mounting kit. It is capable of operating on the Jeep/Truck battery.

2. High Altitude / low temperature field stations : Typically suitable for these conditions , works well in the temperature range from -20 to + 55 degrees centigrade 

3. High temperature / humid / dusty and sandy environment : RIDEX is designed to take on such rough conditions and can be set up in tents within minutes and works with DC power back up 

4. Disaster applications : RIDEX is portable and easy to deploy, It can be used to quickly set up communication platform within minutes. Its Radio support along with other connectivity makes it very useful for setting up seamless communication between various rescue agencies.

5. Data bridging function : RIDEX is capable of switching and routing data channels hence can be used as a LAN bridge capable of transmitting images and data from one location to the other.

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