Operator Console

Operator Console

Coral IRIS Cloud IP Operator Console is intended for receptionists and operators who answer and distribute calls. IP Console has been designed to improve operator service by providing the operator with call information and context sensitive action buttons that simplify call handling to provide appropriate and quick response to the caller. With this easy to use software tool, operator can maintain visibility of the number and type of calls waiting and ensure that clients are greeted in a professional manner. Coral cloud has a variety of options that empower attendants to effectively handle inbound and outbound telephone traffic from specialized IP phones or from easy-to-use PC based interface. Attendant positions maintain separate call queues for various category of incoming calls that can be handled efficiently. Attendant positions are designed to maintain status of each user on display screen. It facilitates operators a host of telephony features, including consultation calls, 3-way conference calls, setting up operator assisted services like conference and redirection of calls to IVR or voicemail. PC based operator positions can enhance the user experience by sending additional information to the called party in the form of real-time Instant Messages and off-line sticky notes. An operator can seamlessly perform call handling function while minimizing disruption to other routines, such as maintaining calendars, writing letters or handling travel arrangements. Attendants respond to incoming calls via a pop-up window and can complete call transfer on the click of a mouse, allowing them to return back quickly to other tasks.

Notifications of incoming calls, messages and fax

Click to call on the PC while calls are initiated on hard phone.

Line status Dispkay like /idle, "Ringing, Busy, Hold, Talking outgoing, Talking Incoming, Trying Incoming, External Number, Un-Registered numbers.

Conference system for both Audio as well as video

Call Handling option to handle multiple calls simultaneously

Provision for user's login and logout

User freindly interface

 To improve operator service by providing call information with context sensitive action buttons to provide appropriate response

Standard dial pad for easy access and use

Caller id facility with name designation and company of the caller to identify and prioritize the call.

Very effective call management for VIP & star rated callers by assigning seperate queue for them.

Color coded display of each extension for easy management of different status.

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