Active! IVR is a versatile product, enabling quick development and deployment of IVR solutions. It provides easy access to powerful branching logic, on-line access to 3rd-party applications and database, access to real-time info on the contact center, Text-To-Speech, CTI integration, and massive personalization.


  • Active! IVR can be configured from 4 ports to 1500 Ports.
  • Supports Multiple Languages, up to 50 simultaneous languages can be configured.
  • Supports Multi-Level Call Flow, up to 25 levels can be configured.
  • Supports integration with Third-Party Database for Information/Data retrieval.
  • Online Call Monitoring of the Live Calls with details like Channel Status, CLI, Call Duration, DTMF inputs etc. is available.
  • Various Actions can be mapped with the DTMF sequence entered by the caller.
  • Incoming Calls can be routed to the appropriate Groups according to the DTMF inputs provided by the Caller.
  • It is best suited for the services like Tele Banking, Retail, Entertainment, Travel, Telephonic Transactions,  Registration etc.
  • Offers extensive Detailed/Summary Reports for complete analysis for proactive actions.

Coral’s Active! IVR allows customers to access information and conduct transactions virtually around the clock regardless of their access to computer and internet telephony.

It answers each & every call with multilingual / multilevel options to the caller on the dialed number.

It provides user defined Rule Based Routing wherein it automatically play customer defined options based on the captured CLI or entered by the customer.

It routes calls to the appropriate ACD Groups according to the selection made e.g. new products, enquiries, technical support etc.

It allows interaction with any third-party applications and databases to simplify many processes such as information/data retrieval etc.

It can provide customer data like Billed/Unbilled Amount, Invoice Details etc. based on the details provide by the customers.

IVR ports can be equivalent to the incoming voice channels to provide non-blocking facility.

Our IVR solution is best suited for the services like:

  • Mobile — Pay-As-You-Go account funding; registration; mobile purchases, such as ring tones and logos
  • Banking — balance, payments, transfers, transaction history
  • Retail & Entertainment — orders, bookings, credit & debit card payments
  • Utilities — meter readings
  • Travel — ticket booking, flight information, check-in
  • Weather forecasts, water, road and ice conditions

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