IRIS IVDX is an IP based communications platform that follows open standard protocols. Communications server along with its multi protocol media gateway architecture delivers a perfect hybrid solution for your communication needs. Due to its legacy architecture it allows you to retain legacy hardware yet decide when and how much to migrate from the TDM world to the IP based packet switching. You can migrate from TDM, TDM/IP to pure IP at a pace you are comfortable with.  

  •  Standards based Protocols : Communication server supports and operates on open standards based protocols such as H.248, H.323 and SIP. This gives clear advantage to the user to use standard SIP devices such as IP loggers, IP Dialers, billing packages, soft phones etc. This also gives you the flexibility of using standard media GWs
  • Open Licence for features : With Coral you do not have to worry about licensing cost of a 'standard feature' as all standard features are built into the software unless stated. With Coral you have no fine print costs
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence : IRIS IVDX  with an overlay of BSC/MSC software can support GSM handsets as extensions of your PBX giving the much needed convenience and mobility at work place. You can now receive and make calls from your mobile handsets and still be a part of the office PBX
  • Disaster Recovery server : IRIS IVDX  has an optional DR server, which can be placed at a geographically distant location. This server has a data mirrored from the main server and in case of failure of both main and the hot stand-by servers, all end points get registered with the DR. This gives you a third layer of redundancy for mission critical applications. Communication server itself can be duplicated to ensure first and second layer of redundancy
  • Inter Gateway Alternate Route (IGAR) : We understand the importance of un-interrupted communication to you and hence developed this unique feature. IP link is prone to failure due to variety of reasons including the traffic management alogorithms implemented in your organization but with IRIS IVDX  we provide you an alternate TDM link between the media GWs. This link will take over the moment there is an IP link failure
  • IP based operator : Coral's operator is pure IP based on standard SIP protocol, which supports complete ACD functionality. This helps you to land calls based on traffic analysis in a multi-operator scenario
  • Voice mail with e-mail notification : Coral's unique 'Unified Messaging platform', UNICOR gives you an email as well as SMS notification if anyone leaves a voice message in your mailbox. E-mail has an attachment of the message which can be played. You can hear your voice-mail through your mobile phone wherever you are in the world
  • Portals based Voice-mail and Fax : With IRIS IVDX  you could customize your own unified messaging portal with your own preference of hearing Voice messages / e-mails or fax messages.
  • Media Gateway with legacy interface : With its rich experience in handling legacy TDM and analog connectivity Coral's media GW gives you a distinct advantage of retaining all your legacy hardware. This could range from as old as magneto phone line to E&M / E1/T1/ISDN BRI and analog CO on the trunk side and analog subscriber and digital Key phones on the subscriber side. Coral media GW is also self-survivable and continues to function with its own data base in case of IP link failure with the main server. It can be equipped with a duplicated processor, which builds-in additional redundancy to ensure no single point of failure
  • Pre-set Conference call : This feature allows you to set a conference with a pre-defined set of people at a press of a button. A very useful feature for people who regularly hold tele-conference with a team of people
  • Server based conferencing : This dedicated conferencing application allows features such as conference notification, recording, locking and conference bridge
  • IRIS IVDX  works on standards based SIP protocol which allows you to connect standard SIP devices as end points to the system. However, complete PBX functionality can only be experienced with Coral recommended SIP end pints.
  • IRIS IVDX supports all the high end PBX features, some of which are Call Parking, Call pick-up, 64 party conferencing, meet me conference, Name dial, CIDCW, VIP call, Boss-Secretary call, remote programming, Least Cost Routing, Automatic Call Distribution, CLI based call routing and many more.

  •  Multi-locational offices : With IP at the core and Coral's feature rich media GWs acting as remote shelves, the communication of the entire organization can be controlled from one central location. A lot of resources, such as Voice-mail, CDR package etc can be shared resulting in reduction in the cost for your organization
  • Mission Critical application : IRIS IVDX  has the option of a disaster recovery (DR) server which can be located at a geographically distant place. The DR server takes over and functions as the main CPU when both main and the HSB server at the principal location fails. A very useful feature for Defense forces and sensitive installations
  • Large and Medium Corporate : IRIS IVDX  allows you to migrate from your current TDM environment to hybrid TDM/IP environment seamlessly. With the option of 'Unified messaging Platform' you can manage your voice mails / E-mails  and faxes from your 'customized' user portal. You also have an option of using hard and soft phones which gives you a variety of features at the touch of a button.
  • Railways : With the main server at the HQ location and smaller media GW at every station, IRIS IVDX  serves as a perfect IP hybrid platform with pure soft switching environment at the HQ and IP / TDM environment at the stations, all controlled from a central location
  • Call Centers : With built-in ACD functionality and its ability to work on standards based SIP protocol, the system behaves like a well integrated solution with IP based predictive dialers / loggers and CDR softwares available in the market
  • Existing Coral Customers : If you are an existing customer of Coral using our TDM based IRIS IVDX, do give us a call and we shall tell you how you can start migrating to a pure IP environment keeping your existing investment in legacy hardware/ network intact

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