Iris IVDX Lite is an upgraded version of DX 2000, built around a powerful 32 Bit ARM processor with fully distributed architecture that not only allows faster processing but also optimum utilization of main CPU time. Compact 8 and 12 port, fully featured Line cards are based on DSP (DUSLIC) design to support features like DTMF generation & detection, Caller ID generation (upto Analog Extensions), Polarity Reversal, On Hook Transmission, Echo Cancellation, Message Waiting Lamp & Fax/Modem detection.

Hot Duplication : IRIS IVDX Lite offers full redundancy of controls in true hot standby mode (HSB) with hot swappable controls. In the event of the failure of the 'active' set, the change over to the standby set is automatic, transparent and without any disruption of services.

Q-Sig Networking : Comprehensive Q-Sig compliance with full feature transparency, based on ECMA and ETSI standards, with full support over both ISDN and IP. 

Audio Conferencing: Up to 128 party conference supported, supervised as well as un-supervised ( Meet me, Progressive and Add-On) involving any kind of circuit (external as well as internal). Conerence bridges such as 2X32 party, 4X16 party and 8X8 party can be easily configured.

ISDN 'U' interface : This feature extends the ISDN 'U' bus on a single pair copper wire up-to a distance of 5 kms from the exchange. All standard ISDN equipments such as ISDN phones and video conferencing equipments can be terminated using NT1.

Voice over IP (VoIP) : In-skin VoIP card enabling direct connectivity to IP cloud, with the ability to convert analog signals to packets and routing calls through the IP backbone. Uses standard codecs with in-built echo cancellation.

Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) and MIS reporting : Extensive built-in ACD capabilities with comprehensive and customizable MIS with on-line and historical report generation. Intelligent routing and landing of calls within various ACD groups can be configured for call center application.

  • Office PBX : One of the most cost effective enterprise communication switch that supports a diversity of telecom technologies and protocols.
  • Media Gateway; Can operate as a multi protocol media gateway which will connect seamlessly to Coral Soft-switch and behave as a multi protocol media gateway.
  • GSM PBX application : With a plug-in 8 port GSM card and Least Cost Routing feature, IRIS IVDX Lite is a perfect GSM PBX where all calls made to the GSM network are automatically sent over the GSM network, there by reducing the cost of communication
  • GSM Gateway application: IRIS IVDX Lite can be programmed to behave as a digital GSM gateway. It can take in 30 SIMS and give out an ISDN PRI. It can be used to quickly deploy communication set-up wherever landline trunk lines are not available.
  • PRI Gateway : With its plug-in IP trunk connectivity, IRIS IVDX Lite can be used as a IP-PRI gateway. A very useful application in Call Centers.
  • Call Center application: IRIS IVDX Lite can be very easily integrated with most call center softwares such as Agent Management Software(AMS), Voice logger, dialer and CRM application.

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