Coral i-Connect is an inter-connect platform, which has the ability to work with various communication protocols and media of operation. It is designed to connect various people sitting on disparate communication lines which are otherwise not compatible with each other. It is frequency / protocol and media independent which makes it a versatile communication hub for many command and control applications. Suitably ruggedised as per JSS 55555 standards Coral i-connect is ideal to work under various tough field conditions.


  • Supports inter-op with UHF/VHF/HF radios along with GSM/CDMA, E1/PRI, FXO, FXS, Magneto and IP

  • Supports low speed data interfaces

  • Ruggedised as per JSS 55555 standards conforming to MIL STD 461d /e

  • Operates on both AC as well as DC input power

  • Automatic changeover from AC to DC and vice-versa

  • Built in 'Float cum boost' charger

  • Automatic fall back from DC 48V-24V-12V.

  •  Built in operator panel

  • 4 X 40 Vacuum Florescent Display for clearer visibility under all conditions

  •  Fan-less thermal management

  • Programming through operator panel or PC

  • Simple GUI based programming software 

  • Supports direct 'plug-in' of optical E1

  • Supports data transmission through a 'plug-in' Ethernet interface

Coral i-connect, due to its versatality in handling communication protocols and media has tremendous applications in the areas where disparate communication systems are used. It is also very widely used by agencies which use different radio frequencies within their ambit of operation.

Following are some of the applications where i-connects finds itself indispensible:

1. Command and Communication Centre for a disaster management unit where different rescue agencies need to co-ordinate with each other but use different non-compatible communication networks. These agencies, as well as, the command centre may also be required to talk on the public switched telephone network which is facilitated by i-connect.

2. Commando and combat operation in the armed forces where different platoons/units using radios operating on different frequencies need to coordinate with each other and also talk to central command with the help of a leased line.

3. Airports where different airlines using walky-talkies operating on disparate frequencies will need to coordinate with each other and airports authority during emergency operations. Multiple security agencies like NSG, City police, Black cat commandos for VIP guests, operate in the same zone using disparate devices and different frequencies. There could be need to coordinate in an emergency. There could also be a need to interconnect between public GSM and landline networks.

4. Utility companies such as oil / gas / electricity/ power plants where major communication at site offices is through radios. These site offices may also be required to communicate with their city offices through public switched telephone network or leased lines.

5. Mines / tunnels / Metro transport systems : These organisations use different frequencies for above the ground and underground tunnel communication and they need an inter-op platform for complete communication.

6. Public mobile radio trunking companies / fleet management companies : Typically these people operate on different frequencies sometimes on different technologies such as digital and analog and they need an inter-op device to complete their communication.

7. Ports and SEZ operations/ Large campus environments : Radios form an integral part of security and surveillance environment for ports and SEZs. These organisations not only require an inter-op between radios of different frequencies but also need a connectivity to the PSTN wired or wireless network

8.  All 'Communication on wheels' applications : Any situation where you need to quickly set up a communication network on field i-connect is the most in-dispensible device. It works on your jeep/truck battery and does not require any special environment.

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