Coral CMUX 128

Coral CMUX 128

CMUX 128 provides a cost effective solution for the interconnection of a whole range of voice and data interfaces required in communications networks, where multiple locations are connected over fat pipes and a small pipe has to be dropped at each location. Large enterprises like railways, army and utility companies who own their networks are users of this product segment

Economical, Scalable and Reliable

The unit can be easily configured as a Terminal, Drop Insert, Non-blocking or Branching/Cross Connect Multiplex, simply by installing the appropriate cards in the shelf. The multiplexer has cards which support a wide variety of interfaces. Channel cards are available for voice and data applications.

The software-controllable concept enables a powerful method for configuring the equipment. The flexibility of the CMUX 128 provides network operators the ability to configure all performance parameters, including time slot assignment, gain level and data transmission parameters either locally, using a PC/Laptop, or via the network. In both cases user-friendly software enables reconfiguration at any time, should the requirements for voice and data transmission grow or change. All the settings are stored in a non-volatile memory that retains information even in power-down conditions.

Abundant Applications
As a multi-service solution, the CMUX 128 can be used for voice or data access in public and private networks. It combines E1 network lines with G.703, RS232, V.35, E&M, FXS, and FXO client interfaces in a compact package.

You can configure the CMUX 128 in a variety of ways, from simple primary multiplexer for drop and insert functionality to sophisticated digital cross-connect for concentration and grooming. Its Voice application modules such as  E&M, FXS and FXO support telephony connections to POTs or  private branch exchanges (PBX). These modules also support networking between a PBX to   central office (CO), or a PBX to another PBX using tie lines. 

They can also provide extensions for telephones in remote 'points of presence' (POPs) or branch offices, as well as modem or fax terminals.In addition to its versatility of application in public telecommunication networks, the CMUX 128 is ideal for use by utility companies like railways, electricity, oil, gas and mining and for private telecommunication networks. Easy to install and economical to maintain, the versatility and features of the CMUX 128 position this MUX as the ideal choice for meeting today's changing network needs.

Redundant Architecture
The CMUX 128 uses a distributed architecture design. This removes the inherent limitations of centralized architecture, providing a scalable system with no single point of failure. 
Users can choose the level of network availability required for their application through various redundancy options. In the CMUX 128, the CPU redundancy (1:1) and power supply redundancy (1:1) protect against hardware failures. The E1 facility redundancy protects against network failures as the CMUX128 can switch traffic to an alternate facility in the event of a link failure.

System and Network Management
Today's critical networks require extensive monitoring, diagnostics and control capabilities. The CMUX 128 supports two management options: ASCII VT100 terminal and SNMP which are accessible by a front panel serial port or Ethernet interface.

SNMP provides alarms and access to configuration and text parameters for remote network management. The CMUX 128 offers the ultimate network management system, which operates in a Windows™ point-and-click environment. This NMS provides network visibility and provides configuration management, performance management, fault management and security management. 
In addition, utilities such as TELNET and the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) assist in the ease of software and configuration downloads.

Voice and Data Flexibility 
There are a total of 20 slots available in the chassis of which 2 slots are reserved for the CPU cards and another 2 slots are reserved for the power supply unit. The remaining 16 slots can be used for installing access cards. The unit supports a wide variety of interface options including Voice cards (FXS, FXO, E&M), Data cards (64kbps co-directional, V.24, V.35, X.21, Ethernet, nx64kbps) and Network cards (E1). The unit comes in a compact, metal chassis of 3U height, which uses a minimum amount of rack space.   All cards are fully configurable and have remote diagnostics through the CMUX 128 user interface. Using these flexible configuration options, the MUX can be deployed in integrated voice and data networks across the globe.

The unit comes in a compact, metal chassis of less than 5U height, which uses a minimum amount of rack space.   All cards are fully configurable and have remote diagnostics through the CMUX 128 user interface. Using these flexible configuration options, the MUX can be deployed in integrated voice and data networks across the globe.

 The CMUX 128 is a Primary Digital Multiplexer platform that provides a high performance solution for wide area interconnectivity.

The intelligent CMUX 128 provides a cost-effective solution for the interconnection of a wide range of voice and data interfaces into communication networks which may include microwave radios, higher order multiplexers and optical transmission equipment. 

The unit provides full featured, Drop-and-Insert capability for each voice frequency circuit or any signal that can be transmitted in a 64kbps channel.

The CMUX 128 is designed to continuously meet the needs of a changing telecommunications landscape. 

The platform delivers key benefits that service providers and private customers are demanding today including consolidation, cost savings, investment protection, simplified operations, and more. 

With its advanced modular architecture, voice and data services can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

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