Private GSM Network

Pvt. GSM App. In Enterprise Networks / Telco's:

Deployment in Enterprise, Residential building & Campus as a private GSM network can help create value propositions for the GSM operators to support mobility requirements within the large campus of an integrated factory with residential blocks. Hotels, Hospitals & institutions where some of the staff are moving around the campus need such solutions.  

Pvt. GSM App. in Rural Networks:

Deployments in rural areas for providing cost effective and quick deployment can help deploy entire network in one step reducing time to market. These are low powered scalable networks that can grow with growing requirements of the rural demographics. They are low cost, easy to deploy and comprehensive solutions that can help create entrepreneurship model in rural networks. These products can also be used for temporary deployment in a games village or for a temporary holiday camp or any greenfield deployment set-up over a few kilometers.

Pvt. GSM App. in Disaster Management:

These portable and easy to use systems cater to emergency services & for rapid deployment of GSM network. Units where the existing GSM / CDMA networks are destroyed due to natural calamity such as a hurricane or earthquake, Coral Air IRIS NGX, can quickly set up a reliable communication network which can be used by all agencies working on the site viz. NGO's / Red Cross / Paramilitary / Army / State Departments / Fire Departments etc. Security Agencies including Police & National Security Groups can use Coral Air BTS for emergencies such as a terror strike. Integrated solution such as this along with a common platform for Voice and Data transmission is the need of the hour felt by most security agencies. Disaster management & field GSM deployments seamlessly working with their private networks is a need that can be met with an integrated solution which Coral Air NGX offers.

Pvt. GSM App. in Railways:

These systems are appropriate for Railway Stations & Accident Relief trains, where it supports all legacy connectivity’s including communication on Quad cable, E&M, BWT & even magneto trunks. A.R.T’s equipped with these systems can provide immediate communication that works seamlessly with the existing Railway Network. Railway stations also need seamless mobile communication with existing railway network.

Ships, Islands, Construction & Mining sites:

These segments of customer need quick deployment of complete networks with satellite / UHF / VHF back haul where Coral Air BTS is an ideal solution. Ships on high seas, and when they are docked could use Coral Air Solutions to stay connected over satellite or through wireless IP interface with local Telco under roaming agreements. Construction & Mining sites in far flung remote areas with no existing telecom networks could deploy these to cater to their immediate communication needs within the private campus. Oil rigs, Oil wells & large mining areas could be ideal customers for such applications.

Pvt. GSM App. in Defence, Paramilitary and Tactical:

Coral has ruggedized switches (JSSS 55555) that meet the field requirement of army & paramilitary forces and provide interface for PSTN, IP, CNR radio, E&M, Magneto or VoIP. These can find applications as Inter op devices in large projects on the battlefield. Battery powered, Vehicle mounted Coral Air BTS systems are compact single Box solutions for quick deployment of GSM & backhaul services. These could be housed in mobile jeeps with “on board” generators to set up a GSM network over 5 - 7 Kms radius. Deployment of half a dozen such mobile communication vehicles can cover a larger radius for rapidly setting up a tactical unit. UN peacekeeping force or troops stationed in any part of the world could be customers for such applications. These products will ultimately find large applications in projects like Battlefield Management System and Tactical Control Systems.