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IRIS IVDX is an IP based communications platform that operates on open standards based protocols. The communications server along with its TDM based media gateway architecture delivers a perfect hybrid solution for your communication needs. Due to its legacy compatibilty it allows you to retain your legacy hardware and lets you decide when and how much to migrate from the TDM world to the IP packet switching. You can migrate from TDM, TDM/IP to pure IP at a pace you are comfortable with. 

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Applications Features  

  • Multi-locational offices : With IP at the core and Coral's feature rich media GWs acting as remote shelves, the communication of the entire organization can be controlled from one central location. A lot of resources, such as Voice-mail, CDR package etc can be shared resulting in reduction in the cost for your organization
  • Mission Critical application : IRIS IVDX  has the option of a disaster recovery (DR) server which can be located at a geographically distant place. The DR server takes over and functions as the main CPU when both main and the HSB server at the principal location fails. A very useful feature for Defense forces and sensitive installations
  • Large and Medium Corporate : IRIS IVDX  allows you to migrate from your current TDM environment to hybrid TDM/IP environment seamlessly. With the option of 'Unified messaging Platform' you can manage your voice mails / E-mails  and faxes from your 'customized' user portal. You also have an option of using hard and soft phones which gives you a variety of features at the touch of a button.
  • Railways : With the main server at the HQ location and smaller media GW at every station, IRIS IVDX  serves as a perfect IP hybrid platform with pure soft switching environment at the HQ and IP / TDM environment at the stations, all controlled from a central location
  • Call Centers : With built-in ACD functionality and its ability to work on standards based SIP protocol, the system behaves like a well integrated solution with IP based predictive dialers / loggers and CDR softwares available in the market
  • Existing Coral Customers : If you are an existing customer of Coral using our TDM based IRIS IVDX, do give us a call and we shall tell you how you can start migrating to a pure IP environment keeping your existing investment in legacy hardware/ network intact

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