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Hotel & Hospitality Application:

Coral has customized solutions for hospitals like Emergency Alert System, Appointment management system and complete wireless deployment solutions (Wi-Fi). Coral's switching products support check-in, check-out, and billing requirements of a typical hotel.Integration with a third party hotel management software is also possible with Coral's hotel PBX's

Defense Solutions:

Defense services across the world have typical requirements in terms of ruggedization of the equipments used. Due to complex nature of their communication backbone they also use a variety of protocols and media of communication. Ranging from the age-old magneto phone lines to the modern day IP networks, the defense communication networks also pose an inter-op challenge. Coral has a bouquets of products for this segment using wired as well as wireless media.

Police & Paramilitary Applications:

With the growing concern for security and surveillance, the police and the paramilitary are constantly in need of security based products which allow flow of information. Automated Dial 100 ACD solutions, Voice loggers, Inter-op devices which can connect radio with the PSTN networks and e-Challan systems are some of the solutions which are sought after by this segment. Coral provides both hardware and Computer Telephony Integration softwares required for the same.

Railway Applications:

Railways like Defense have their own communication networks. These communication networks not only facilitate normal voice communication but also are used for monitoring train movement (Control Circuits). The typical requirement of this segment includes switching and transmission range of equipments. Railways also use conventional legacy protocols such as E&M and Magneto phone lines. Coral has a large presence in this segment especially with the Indian Railways in terms of voice switching applications and primary MUXs.

Rural Deployment:

Rural Communications requirements are typically driven by cost factors, ease of deployment and ease of use. Due to absence of legacy copper lines greenfield rural deployments look for low cost GSM solutions. Coral's innovative R & D team has solutions which not only makes GSM telephony available at affordable costs but also provides for a legacy circuit backhaul to complete the communication network. With Coral's group EPABX solution coupled with micro BTS solution, communication can be set up in rural area at a self sustainable cost.

Telco Service Provider Solutions:

TELCO segment requires all kinds of last-mile switching solutions. With competition becoming severe with every passing day, TELCOs feel the need to own networks right to the users desk. TELCOs also need to penetrate to areas where they do not own copper or fiber. Coral offers a wide range of last-mile products for this segment. Product range includes DID PBX solutions, GSM-PRI gateways and private GSM solutions.